Sponsor an Apartment

Sponsor an Apartment

On any given night in Greater Kansas City there are 2,000 "unattached" teens living on the streets, sleeping in cars, or "couch surfing" with friends because they do not have a safe place to live. Many of these young people are fleeing violence at home or have aged out of the foster system and have nowhere to go. Synergy is working to end youth homelessness in a very practical way: we are more than doubling the number of youth served through our long-term housing program.

We need your help. 

Please consider sponsoring an apartment for a young person who has shown success in working to rebuild their life. 

For a gift of $2,000, you can provide the necessary furnishings and equipment needed to make a home. Your gift will provide furniture and all the essentials needed for independent living. Once a client moves on from this program (18-24 months), they will be encouraged to take these furnishings with them to their new home and you will have the opportunity to renew your sponsorship.

Together we can give these young people a solid foundation for a brighter future. 

You don't have to have to contribute the $2,000 all by yourself! You can enlist a group of friends or organize a fundraising event; plan a social media campaign or utilize other matching gift opportunities. We're here to help! Contact Jennifer Hurst by email or give her a call at (913) 530-2597 for answers to your questions or for help brainstorming ideas!

Temporary housing for survivors of domestic violence