Emergency Shelter

More than Just a Roof Over Their Head

Where does the child rescued from an abusive home, the teen running away from violence or the victim desperate to escape their abuser turn? In our community, the answer is often Synergy Services. If you or someone you know is unsafe at home, we can help.

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Domestic Violence Center

Shelter is the primary need for our domestic violence clients and we have a proud tradition of high-quality services at our Domestic Violence Center. Residents receive food, personal care products, access to public transportation and assistance with legal matters and life skills. Additionally, survivors in shelter begin their emotional healing through individual and group counseling. They also benefit from recreational opportunities, parent education and peer support.

A team approach to treatment provides each client with a dedicated case manager, therapist and advocate. This increases the expertise available and provides a higher level of service coordination. Through weekly meetings, the treatment team evaluates a family’s evolving needs and plans individualized treatment and care.

Contact the Domestic Violence Center at 816-321-7050.

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Youth Center

Synergy House is a short-term emergency shelter that serves young people ages 12-18 who are in crisis due to abuse, neglect, running away, abandonment and homelessness. Placement and intervention services are also offered to families in crisis. Shelter clients can access all services at the Youth Resiliency Center and on-site schooling, if needed.

Contact the Youth Center at 816-741-8700

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The Jennifer & Jamie Children’s Center

The Jennifer & Jamie Children’s Center includes an emergency shelter which provides a safe, therapeutic environment for children from birth to age 17. Children typically stay 30 days, or until a more permanent placement is available. Counseling and referrals for other needed services are provided for the children and their families.

Children who are in the state’s custody may come into the program through the Children’s Division. Parents/guardians may also bring their children into the program through Crisis Care. This may include but is not limited to homelessness, domestic violence, incarceration, or unexpected hospitalization. Learn more about the Synergy Services' Jennifer & Jamie Children's Center Wellness Policy.

Contact the Jennifer & Jamie Children’s Center at 816-321-7060.


Giving the Basics

Our thanks to Giving the Basics for their continued generous support of our residential programs.