School-based Integrated Services

Preventing the Cycle of Violence One Child at a Time

The impact of childhood trauma is one of the most pressing issues facing educators and our society, since young children who have experienced trauma often lack the foundation they need to be successful in school.

As an agency focused on helping children recover from trauma, we are excited to take our knowledge and expertise directly to children in schools. By meeting children where they are, we can break down barriers that many face to accessing the care they need to overcome adverse childhood experiences (ACEs).

Working with students, educators and families, our school-based team utilizes a holistic approach that includes:

  • Helping teachers and students recognize, understand and address trauma to create classrooms where children can regulate their emotions and behavior in a way that is conducive to learning
  • Providing case management services to assist families in resolving issues and functioning in a healthy way
  • Providing on-site therapy and mental health services to help students process and move beyond trauma, breaking down the barriers children and families may face in accessing care
  • Facilitating a culture shift played out in new policies and practices school-wide that consider the underlying trauma and factors for a child's behavior and address their unique needs for learning

Young boy and girl walking to school while wearing backpacks

We are excited to be leading the way locally in creating trauma informed schools. By further strengthening the safety net for children and helping to break through behavioral obstacles to learning, we take one more step toward overcoming ACEs and creating futures full of promise rather than violence.