CAC Training Opportunities

Training Opportunities for the Multidisciplinary Team 

The CAC staff have several FREE trainings available to our MDT partners. All training, with the exception of Stewards of Children, is approximately 60-90 minutes long. Please contact us about providing any or all of these trainings to your staff. We can combine training information to meet the needs of your agency or department.

  • CAC 101 covers the basics of the CAC. It includes an explanation of the Multidisciplinary Team approach to investigating child abuse; brief explanation on the Process of Disclosure; tips for cursory/initial interviews of children about sexual or other forms of abuse; and what to tell children and families about coming to the CAC for a forensic interview.
  • Mandated Reporting of Child Abuse is an online training that can be found at www.protectmokids.com. CAC staff can also offer this online training in a group setting to facilitate discussion. The goal is to streamline the information given to all mandated reporters so MDT members are up to date on current statutes relating to mandated reporting and informed on what happens after a report is made.
  • How Children Respond to Sexual Abuse looks more in-depth at the Process of Disclosure of abuse. This training highlights why children delay disclosure, why they recant, why their stories might look or sound different at different phases of disclosure and how the CAC process is designed to approach these issues.
  • Stewards of Children is a two-hour nationally recognized training program designed to increase the public’s knowledge, improve attitudes, and change child protective behaviors in our communities. The accompanying handbook is provided free via a grant.
  • ACEs and Resiliency 101 is an overview of the impact of Adverse Childhood Experiences and best practices to build resilience in children who have experienced trauma.