University Academy Story

Kindness is Cool at University Academy

Every day, our community confronts the tragic consequences of bullying. This violent epidemic has been well documented as a mental health crisis in schools across the country. Thankfully many schools in our community, like University Academy Charter School, are taking a proactive approach to create cultures of kindness and equip students to establish healthy relationships.

At Synergy we know that the relationships young people form today often establish the foundation for future relationships. Our school-based violence prevention program teaches empathy, respect and practical strategies for problematic relationships—life skills that are the foundation for safe and healthy relationships.

The program is making a noticeable difference at University Academy. Students, teachers and administrators say the presence of a Synergy educator in 31 of their elementary classrooms over the last school year has had a significant impact on the way students interact with one another. In the words of one administrator:

“The lessons are genuine, meaningful, and easy for our students to relate to. They have promoted deeper discussions in the classroom on how to treat one another with kindness and compassion. Many teachers are incorporating aspects of the lessons into morning meetings. Students now refer to their "Empowerment Tools," "Coping Tool Belt" and "Anchor Charts" to help them handle challenging situations.”

Man writing on chalkboard while girl texts in the foreground

Students today are faced with more complex challenges than ever before. Giving them the tools they need to make good decisions and interact in a healthy way makes sense on every level. Thank you for helping us make kindness cool and attainable for students across our community.