Lucy's Story

Lucy & Her Children Show the Meaning of Safe today. Strong tomorrow.

After 10 years of horrible abuse and threats to her life, Lucy* escaped in the middle of the night with her three small children and her purse. They had no shoes and were wearing only pajamas. She drove her car—which was missing the driver’s side window since her abuser broke it out the day before--nearly 100 miles before she stopped in Kansas City and called Synergy Services.

At Synergy, she found safe shelter, supportive services and the resilience she and her children needed to start over. Our domestic violence center provides emergency shelter for hundreds of survivors and their children each year, while many more utilize our crisis hotlines, counseling and support groups, training and empowerment programs and legal advocacy services.

Over time, Lucy’s confidence and self-esteem grew. Eventually, she met “the most patient and loving man she had ever known.” It wasn’t easy to trust again, but with the tools and strategies she learned at Synergy, she knew the warning signs and how to avoid repeating an unhealthy relationship. After six years, she felt sure enough to get married again and the two have now been married for over 20 years. He adopted her children and became the loving father they never had. All three kids are grown and thriving.

Lucy writes in an email to us, “I was in the middle of prayer this morning, thanking God for my many blessings when I felt compelled to send this message of sincere thanks.” She adds, “It is amazing how different my life is now from when I arrived at your shelter. I’m pretty sure I would not be alive today, had I not found Synergy.”

Woman leaning against a building while smiling

Giving survivors the safety and stability they need to heal and helping them move forward to a future free from family violence….that’s what “safe today, strong tomorrow” is all about. Thank you for your support in creating these new beginnings.

*Name changed to protect privacy