What Does Synergy Mean To You?

What Does Synergy Mean To You?


Synergy is defined as the “interaction or cooperation of two or more organizations, substances or other agents to produce a combined effect greater than the sum of their separate effects.”

But, why are we listing out definitions Merriam Webster style for you? Simply put, it’s because synergy is important, in so many ways. For us, synergy began at Synergy Services with the first youth shelter in Western Missouri back in 1970, serving children ages12-18. Fifty years ago in a time where man had just landed on the moon, Abbey Road  was blasting on every radio station and the Technological Revolution was on the horizon, our founders had no idea the extent in which Synergy Services’ would grow to serve our community.

Through the years, a series of both serendipitous and strategic mergers expanded Synergy Services’ reach to include children, families and survivors of domestic violence. We quite literally defined synergy through our work- expanding and growing to serve as many people in our community as we could.

So, what does synergy mean to you? As our founders curated the name “Synergy Services,” no one could have anticipated what the years to would bring and the weight the word synergy would have on all of us.

While our founders may not know the weight in which the word synergy meant- neither did any of us. In a time where coming together isn’t possible and we each can feel a division pulsing through our country, our community needs us to become the combined greater effect by simply coming together. We must come together to effect change andprogress, and to make a difference as we come together for the good of all. Synergy is about working together: spending time learning and working side by side (with masks of course). We each are a part of the synergy of our community. The many parts, people and businesses that make it truly, better together.

The phrase “two heads are better than one” embodies the essence of synergy. More ideas, more solutions, innovations one person quite simply would not have been able to achieve- better results for a greater effect.

So, today we ask you to join us in coming together for good. Each of us has the ability to become, if we may, “synergistic” in our society. We each can foster community and teamwork for the greater good and we continue to fight for progress and success.  Together, we can do this.

At Synergy Services we couldn’t do it without YOU and as a society as a whole, our synergy is integral to success for all.