Welcome to Coming Together For Good!

In the words of Michelle Obama, “Our greatness comes when we appreciate each other’s strengths, when we learn from each other, when we lean on each other.” Together, we truly are better.

Across the world, people are hurting. We need to come together. You can support one another by listening to each other, loving each other, and taking action to showcase kindness to every person around you regardless of race, disability, gender, religion and beliefs, sexual orientation, age or any other factor that represents the diversity between one another. 

You want to help, people need your help, it is time to come together for good.

We are thrilled to introduce to you, Synergy Service’s newest program, “Coming Together For Good.” 

It’s easy to think that there isn’t any good news. Turning on the TV showcases news of despair, destruction and hopelessness for so many right here in our own world. However, the good news is all around us and it begins with us. We have an opportunity to become the good, to continue to work for change. We get to take this challenge on, we have to. 

Across our community there are people doing incredible things, impacting lives, showcasing kindness every step of the way. These are the people making a difference and we want to take an opportunity to showcase the work that they are doing. Individuals dedicated to volunteerism, offering up their valuable time to make a difference for a youth in shelter, people acting as mentors, individuals showcasing their musical talent as a form of added beauty to this city, loving, learning or sharing. Individuals showing up to support peaceful protests, teachers hard at work providing their students the best learning experience in a matter of hours, health care workers, hometown heroes, community leaders, and people all around us doing remarkable things- sometimes you just don’t see it. We can’t wait to introduce each of these people to you. From learning about the superheroes in our very own community, to joining forces for a day of impact, to discovering resources for the internal work it takes to get to where you need to be, it’s time to bring a whole lot of good right here to our community.

Kansas City doesn’t just celebrate the good news, we join in and we become the good news. By working together, teams across our nation have found solutions that impact lives, solving difficult problems and creative answers. 

We want you to ask yourself, if not now, then when? If not me, then who? Each of us have the opportunity right now, to stand up and share our kindness with the world. WE have the ability to make an impact, make a difference, change the future.

We’re so excited you’re here, Coming Together For Good, to make a difference right here in our world. Stay tuned for feature stories each week of some incredible people across our community, resources and ways to get involved right here!