We Can’t End Domestic Violence Without This One Thing

We Can’t End Domestic Violence Without This One ThingDomestic Violence Survivor

Domestic violence is a complex issue. There are many factors that lead to the abuse and its solution. However, we know there is one incredibly important aspect to breaking the cycle: Housing for Survivors. 

Almost all clients entering a domestic violence shelter, identify housing as one of their greatest needs.

Abusers will often sabotage living arrangements.
They steal rent money, destroy property, forbid the victim to work or to pay the rent, etc.  Each of these behaviors is a tactic to keep the victim dependent on the abuser. Even worse, by the time a victim begins to seek shelter, their abuser has also broken the ties that the victim has to friends or family. They have no support system whatsoever.

With limited work history, past evictions, poor rental history, psychological and mental health needs and the trauma from years of abuse, housing can seem like an insurmountable obstacle for survivors. Abusers often destroy legal documentation needed to obtain housing and can prevent the victim from receiving public assistance. Even if they are able to reach out for public assistance, housing, disability or any form of help, takes an average of 2-3 years to achieve.

Without stable housing options, victims are forced to stay with or return to their abuser.

It has been proven, time and time again, that the longer the victim stays with their abuser and the more often they return to their abuser, the more likely they are to die from an act of violence.

At Synergy, we offer low-barrier housing solutions
Our Domestic Violence Housing Program helps reestablish survivors by resolving past issues creating a stable future. We help them turn a house into a home and provide 24/7 help, security and support.  Beyond assisting clients with their practical needs, prioritize mental health for the survivor and the children through counseling and domestic violence education. This ensures that our survivors and their children have a future free from family violence.

Our team provides case management, therapy, support and more. We provide additional levels of security, teach life skills, end generational trauma, and help survivors and their children begin new tomorrows.

Domestic violence survivors’ people you come into contact with each day.
They are nurses, teachers, care takers, business professionals, mothers, sisters, friends.  One thing is certain, someone you know has been severely impacted by domestic violence.  It is our job to help, to save lives and to provide the resources it takes to create a thriving community for all people.

We need help from people like you to provide housing to survivors.
Sponsoring an apartment is the greatest way to impact our Domestic Violence Housing Program and the families who rely on it. A gift of $2,000 will help cover moving expenses, new furniture and establish a home for a family in a desperate situation.  Our clients are forever grateful.

The domestic violence housing program is highly successful because it moves survivors and their children from an emergency shelter and to a road of success. Filled with everything they need to succeed.  So, gather up your friends, team, church group or any other crew you can put together, and help us sponsor a brand-new start for women and children who are ready for a new, safe life!

Click here to sponsor an apartment.