The Greatest Gifts


The Greatest Gifts
July 30, 2020
By Patrick Cook
Synergy Services Youth Resiliency Center Coordinator and Assistant Program Manager

Each of us are born with gifts; abilities or designs that distinguish us from the rest of the world. And though a singer isn’t the only person on earth with singing ability, their voice, pitch and tone personalizes their gift. I believe that, and I always will.

As a child, I was made aware of the things I did well. The talents I possess have always given me a necessary confidence crucial to making my way through life, finding my unique voice, and for them I am grateful.

But some things aid us that we’re not born with. Some things lift us, carry us through and in many cases, my case, are the very reasons we’re able to recognize exactly where our talents lie. Sadly, I came to see many years ago that not all of us are born with THAT gift. The blessing of a supportive family structure, unconditional love and guidance that comes from relatives or loved ones who ultimately love us more, or at least as much, as themselves or their cursed addictions if any harmful addictions exist.

When I realized I’d been one of the lucky ones, I made the choice to try and be that for as many lives as my life would allow me to intersect. See, the greatest gifts we can bestow upon others isn’t bought in a store or found on a map marked under an X. The greatest gifts are the time we spend with those who need it, pointing out their strengths and abilities, and maybe helping them chart their own path that help distinguish them from the rest of the world. Helping someone with that journey, seeing them realize it or watching them achieve it- That’s why we do what we do, and I’m thankful every day for the opportunity to do it.

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