Learning Through Crisis

Learning Through Crisis

Every day at Synergy Services we serve families in crisis through a variety of programs wrapped together to drive success for our clients. Yet, in March we each were thrust into individualized experiences with crisis as we watched a global pandemic unfold before our eyes.

For many of the essential workers across our world there was concern, fear, anxiety and uncertainty that loomed over as we navigated exactly what this time would bring. Yet, the Synergy staff powered through, just as essential workers across the world did. In this time of extraordinary uncertainty and change our team learned to adapt as best as they could, becoming more innovative every day. The Covid-19 crisis had nonprofits, businesses and organizations adapting policies at rapid speeds to ensure they could continue serving- just as Synergy did, becoming one of the only agencies in Kansas City that has remained open this entire global crisis. Solutions developed with the upmost safety in mind, making sure that every day we were still able to help, serve and support our clients.

Across the world we are seeing innovation. Teams coming together for the good of communities to ask themselves, “How can we…”

How can we do this better?

How can we serve more?

How can we make an impact?

We reached out to our staff to hear some of the things they have learned thus far.

“I would say that I've learned a lot this year: I love how adaptable people have become to changing circumstances and have really focused on mental and physical health and creative endeavors.”

“I have been so inspired by people marching and standing up for Black Lives. I have also learned that there is still so much I don't know and how much I have to learn when it comes to antiracism, and I can never feel like I don't have anything else to learn because it is literally dangerous for others.”

“As heartbreaking as it's been, I've had the undeniable realization that this country is a fraud and has never shown POC, women, the disabled and our LGBTQ brothers and sisters equal access to quality education, housing, employment, or healthcare. With this realization, I have vowed to imagine a world where this is no longer so and my every intention is to continue using my voice and resources to eradicate inequality.”

“This year has been hard thus far. There have been so many obstacles, challenges and struggles that we have overcome as a team. I think we have come out stronger more inventive and ready to take on anything.”

“Our team as a whole has certainly learned how to show grace to those around us. We never know what someone is going through or how they are feeling that day. Whether it is friends, family members, colleagues or clients showing grace to those around you can make a world of difference.”

“I have learned the importance of connection. In living in an apartment with just my cat I realized the impact human connection has on a day to day basis. Call your grandma! Call your parents! Reach out to the people around you- you never know what someone may be going through.”

“I have learned a lot more about taking time for mental health. It is just as important as physical health and needs to be nurtured in times like this. I hope after this is over we do better in recognizing that we need to take care of one another and make sure to check in with ourselves.”.”

Thank you to the Synergy Services' staff for sharing these lessons with us.

We all long to return to normal… but what if we can do better than what was normal? As we navigate, let us remember that maybe what once was normal may never be the same…but better.