Domestic Violence Housing Program Empowers Survivors

Domestic Violence Housing Programs Empower Survivors

One in three. That is the startling reality of the number of women who are victims of severe physical violence from an intimate partner according to the CDC’s National Intimate Partner and Sexual Violence Survey.  Safety in the home should be a fundamental right, but with domestic violence statistics so high, the importance of domestic violence housing programs cannot be overstated. These programs provide a refuge for those fleeing from violence and offer a lifeline to survivors.

In this blog, we spotlight the healing benefits of Synergy Services’ housing programs, both emergency and long-term offerings.

Shelter Provides New Beginnings

When a victim takes the first step to flee[link to Safety Plan seo piece], they are often quite literally risking their lives. At Synergy Services, we have emergency housing through our Domestic Violence Center. Here, victims can stay for up to 4 months as they begin the process of healing.

After that time, Synergy’s Domestic Violence Housing Program is the next step. We offer 30 apartments for adults and children where residents also receive wrap-around care and services from other Synergy programs. Residents of the Domestic Violence Housing Program can stay for two years. If they have jobs, they can pay Synergy 30% of the rent of their apartment for us to put into a savings account over the course of their stay and then receive those funds when they leave the program.

In 2022, Synergy provided shelter to 124 clients. Of these, 43 were adults and 81 were children. Throughout the entire year, all 30 apartments were continually inhabited. 87% of clients are able to live independently when they complete the two-year housing program.

Access to safe shelter means survivors can take the necessary time to focus on other essential needs, such as medical attention and trauma counseling, as well as receive food, personal care items, and access to public transportation. Synergy’s program also provides access to legal help for survivors to navigate complex legal processes such as obtaining restraining orders, filing for custody, and pursuing justice against their abusers.

Healthcare Brings Continued Healing

It is nearly impossible to focus on medical well-being when survival or where to sleep is in question. But with Synergy’s Domestic Violence Housing Program, survivors can. Our treatment team evaluates the mental and physical needs of a resident and provides an individualized treatment plan. Children of residents also can access the Teens & Tots clinic for free medical, dental, and vision care. This clinic is operated by Children’s Mercy Hospital, one of Synergy’s community partners.

Emotional Support Strengthens the Mind

Domestic Violence Housing Programs like Synergy’s offer more than just physical shelter. It provides emotional support services including trauma counseling and several therapy modalities so program residents can heal. It also connects residents with support groups. Learn more about Synergy’s mental health services here. Our compassionate and understanding staff can make a significant difference in the emotional healing process.

Community Fosters Lasting Relationships

Survivors in domestic violence housing programs often form a sense of community in the shelter as they connect with others who have faced similar challenges. This sense of belonging can be transformative as it reduces feelings of isolation and helps survivors rebuild their lives. The compassionate staff become part of that community as they help survivors regain their confidence. They offer a listening ear, a shoulder to lean on, and guidance to navigate the difficult journey to recovery.

Domestic violence housing programs also raise awareness about this widespread issue in the community. By shedding light on domestic violence and offering solutions, these housing programs contribute to the larger societal conversation to end domestic violence.

Independence Leads to a Safe Future

The goal is never to remain in shelter. Synergy aims to empower survivors with resources, including job training and life skills, to regain independence. In 2022 after clients left Synergy’s Domestic Violence housing program, 84% of them were able to obtain safe and stable housing to continue rebuilding their lives and find continuity and resiliency.

Help Synergy Continue the Effort

Individuals, families, and entire communities feel the effects of domestic violence. But thanks to housing programs, survivors can heal, find restored hope, and create a plan for a safe future. When you support Synergy’s program, you not only provide a safe place but also empower survivors to break free from the cycle of abuse and embrace a life of safety, dignity, and love. If you have an opportunity to donate time or financial resources to the Synergy’s Domestic Violence Center or Domestic Violence Housing Program, visit our donate page today!