Comprehensive Services Bring Healing and Hope

Comprehensive Services Bring Healing and Hope

There is a crisis taking place around the United States and within the Kansas City community. Victims of family violence are fleeing unsafe homes and relationships daily. Since 1970, Synergy Services has had a vision of creating a community free from family violence, abuse, and neglect. To accomplish this, we created a series of wrap-around services that provide healing and hope to victims from the first moment they escape until they find independence.

Our program managers hear countless success stories each year, and we want to share a few examples with you in our blog. These stories of healing and hope tell of the recovery and resiliency that is possible thanks to the comprehensive care that Synergy Services provides. Please note names and ages have been changed due to privacy.

Healing Domestic Violence Survivors

Meet Yvonne, a 30-year-old mother who graduated from Synergy’s Domestic Violence Housing Program last year. During her time with us, she and her two elementary-aged children engaged in much-needed therapy services to manage symptoms of extreme sexual abuse from her partner. She also received case management and legal aid, while her children maintained consistent education, all critical factors to break the cycle of domestic violence.

Synergy’s Domestic Violence shelter has 30 apartments. In 2022, the shelter saw 100% occupancy with 43 adults and 81 children who used the shelter for safe housing. Funding from donors helps make this shelter an option for those in need.

Care for Runaway Teens

Meet Katie, a runaway and homeless youth who received state-of-the-art healthcare, immunization, dental care, and eye care from Synergy’s Teens & Tots clinic. The clinic is located within the Youth Resiliency Center and is operated by our partners from Children’s Mercy Hospital, LevelUp Kids, and Vision Source Eyecare. Additionally, crisis counseling, art therapy, and music therapy were available to her while staying at Synergy’s emergency shelter.

The Teens & Tots clinic served 154 adults and 244 children in 2022 who had an average income ranging from $10,000 - $20,000. The most common services received were for gynecological or reproductive health followed closely by care for asthma, obesity, and mental health. A total of 1,230 dental procedures were provided to 224 clients.

Shelter for the Homeless

Meet Donna, a homeless teen mom who needed a safe home for her and her newborn son. Thanks to Synergy’s Transitional Living Program, she found stability that was life-changing for her mental health and confidence. This fostered her pursuit of employment so she and her son could have a safe and healthy life. 

The Transitional Living Program is a residential program that teaches homeless youth the independent life skills necessary to be successful, independent adults. Synergy’s home has 10 apartments and housed 13 youths ages 16-21 in 2022. The average length of stay for these youth was 154 days.

Keep Hope Alive

As we enter 2024, these programs are still operating at capacity and in great demand. Synergy continues to push forward with the vision of a community free of family violence. Through volunteers, financial contributions, donations, and much care Synergy Services continues to provide comprehensive care to those in need in the Kansas City community.

If you are suffering from domestic violence, call our hotline today at 816-321-7050. We have compassionate advocates available 24/7 to help you make difficult decisions to improve your life. If you would like to help Synergy accomplish our mission, discover all the ways you can get involved and be part of bringing about life-long change.