Coming Together For Good Amid a Global Pandemic

Coming Together For Good Amid a Global Pandemic

Our world and our lives sure look different than they did a few months ago. Each day we are adapting to this new “normal.” This is quite simply, why it is so important that now more than ever we Come Together for Good.

But one may wonder, “How do we Come Together for Good when regulations across states prohibit even coming together?” What once was summers filled with trips to the pool, family barbeques and here at Synergy, a whole lot of volunteering, is now locked down and regulated to limited numbers of people and a six-foot distance between one another that does not allow for hugs, handshakes or high fives to be passed around in celebrations of achievement. This adds a bit of a trick to what we generally think of when we talk about coming together.

However, with the shift happening in our society, one must remember that we can still come together, and we certainly must Come Together for Good. Just as our worlds look a little different, this too looks a little different but it doesn’t mean that the impact means any less.

Coming Together for Good is all about supporting those around us; showing love, kindness and respect to everyone that passes by, joining forces with every human so that we can truly become better each day.

So now, it is your call to action to jump in, to begin making your impact. As we always say, if not now, then when? If not me, then who? Each of us have the opportunity right now, to stand up and share our kindness with the world. WE have the ability to make an impact, make a difference, change the future.

So join us in Coming Together for Good. This week we wanted to share some ways you could help our community right here (virtually) at Synergy Services.  Since our founding, we have always depended upon the generosity of individuals, corporations and civic groups to bridge the gaps in serving thousands of children, youth, adults and families benefiting annually from our many programs. It’s time to make an impact- we need you on our team.

Lead a Skills Based Group via Zoom at our Youth Resiliency Center
Become an Advocate in Our Community
Join Us for a Socially Distanced Campus Beautification Day
Join our Fundraising Committee
Prepare or Cook a Meal in One of Our Shelters
Join Our Mentor Network
Virtual Story Time at our Children’s Center
Host a Donation Drive with Your Friends & Family
Plan a Fun Event for Those in Shelter (Birthday Parties, Craft Night, Spa Night, Game Night...)
Become a Trained Safe Place/Hotline Advocate
Join our Resiliency Board

If you have any questions contact Claire at csundermeyer@synergyservices.org to get started!