Coming Together for the Back to School Fair

Coming Together for the Back to School Fair

Across our community there are people doing incredible things, impacting lives, showcasing kindness every step of the way. As we began our Coming Together for Good blog, all we could think about was the exciting things to come in the near future with these remarkable people by our side.

This year we hit a milestone achievement. As we got closer to our annual Back to School Fair, it became evident we would have to head back to the drawing board, entirely rethinking what this event was going to look like. It became quite clear, it was to be a Drive-Thru event, double the fun, double the resources all from within your car…and away we went with a goal to gather the community to provide 1,000 stuffed backpacks to 1,000 students!

As we have said before, Kansas City doesn’t just celebrate the good news, we join in and we become the good news. By working together, teams across our nation have found solutions that impact lives, solving difficult problems and creative answers- and by working together right here in Kansas City we went above and beyond our goal to send our students off to (virtual) school with a new backpack, masks, resources and so much more!

Coming Together for Good showcases the power we have when we come together, when we join one team for the common good of our city, our community. Together we did this.

Interested in learning more about the Drive-Thru Back to School Fair?  Click here.

Thank you to our generous sponsors! We couldn’t do it without you!

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