5 Things You Didn't Know About our Batterer's Prevention Program

5 Things You Didn't Know About Our Batterer's Prevention Program

Imagine a world with no domestic violence at all. This is the world we dream to live in. Until then, breaking its cycle starts with preventing it. Our Batterer's Prevention Program is one way we work to end domestic violence. 

  1. Our Batterer's Prevention Program started 21 years ago
    Since 2000, we’ve been working to hold domestic violence offenders accountable for their behavior. We help them understand alternatives to violence and build behavioral management skills. 

  2. It’s much more than an anger management class
    The 28-58 week program is an intensive, in-depth solution. Unlike traditional anger management models, we provide a comprehensive mental health approach to behavior modifications. 

  3. It’s funded by Jackson County COMBAT
    This program is made possible through grant funding. We’re sincerely grateful for the Jackson County, Missouri COMBAT initiative, which is tasked with the mission of "Making substance abuse history." COMBAT views drug abuse and crime as both a health crisis and legal matter. COMBAT takes a 3-pronged approach to curtailing drug abuse:

    - Prevention
    - Treatment
    - Law enforcement

  4. Partnerships are critical to its success
    Like all of our programs, we can’t do it alone. Community collaborations, including strong partnerships with law enforcement, judges and probation/parole officers help hold offenders accountable for their behavior and more effectively identify distributive thought patterns that enable an abuser to feel justified in his abusive behavior.

  5. You can help by making a $25 donation
    Supporting this program means supporting the end of domestic violence. Together, we can drive right to the source of the abuse and stop it. All funds directly impact women, children and youth in our community. Make a donation here. 

Learn more about our vision for a world free of family violence here