15 Ways to Recognize Domestic Violence Awareness Month

15 Ways to Recognize Domestic Violence Awareness Month

October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month! To help recognize Domestic Violence awareness we’ve compiled a list of activities YOU can do to take action and create communities free of family violence! 

  1. Add a purple ribbon to your social media profile.
  2. Volunteer with our Domestic Violence Housing Program.
  3. Watch this great video about domestic violence by Jackson Katz, and share it with your networks!
  4. Organize a moment of silence for domestic violence survivors.
  5. Light the town purple by replacing the lightbulbs outside your home or office with purple lightbulbs, and encourage others to do the same!
  6. Ask your business to be a #MovetoEndDV Ambassador.
  7. Join us at Stand up for Synergy benefitting programs like our Domestic Violence Housing Program!
  8. Talk about identifying healthy vs. unhealthy relationships with your friends and children.
  9. Research the candidates running for elected office to see if they have a stance against domestic violence, violence against women and dating violence.
  10. If you’re a nurse, doctor or social worker, take a minute to educate your community on the health impacts of domestic violence.
  11. Wear purple on October 19 in support of domestic violence survivors.
  12. Talk to your teenagers about digital dating violence and teen dating violence, and help them identify what a healthy relationship looks like.
  13. Ask your employer to match your donation to our Domestic Violence Housing Program.
  14. Encourage your athletic coaches to talk to their teams about the importance of respect and nonviolence.
  15. Organize a drive for clothing, household goods, and hygiene products to donate to your local shelter.