#GivingTuesdayNOW in Support of Synergy Services' COVID-19 Response


Help us "Be The Change" and fund a survival kit, a day of 24/7 emergency hotline support, family therapy, shelter for a child or select another amount here today. 

Here at Synergy Services, we see a lot of heartbreak. We see individuals and families struggling to survive. We see children who are scared and confused and cannot understand why they can't just go home. We see young people who are angry and deeply hurt and broken because their families have abandoned them or have chosen to put others or drugs/alcohol before them. We see very young adults who have recently aged out of the foster care system and are now finding themselves with no support, no guidance and have been left all alone in the world at just 18 years old. We see women who are just desperate to live another day. Who are doing their best to keep themselves and their children safe. We work in your local schools preventing school violence, classroom disruption and educating teachers on trauma informed care so that they feel more supported and are more empowered to support their students. You will find us out on the streets, handing out resources to the homeless. Providing counseling, support and meeting other basic needs. Synergy is everywhere. Odds are, you know someone who has benefited from our services at one time or another. Our work is essential and vital to the community we are all a part of.

It takes a village as they say. We like to say, it takes all villages. We need everyone to walk alongside us as we continue to provide life saving and life changing service and support. If not you then, who? You are the reason we are here. Thousands of people across our "villages" are helped and supported thanks to your partnership and your financial gifts.

We ask that at this most critical time, you partner with us by giving what you can. Together, we will "Be the Change" that the world so desperately needs. RIGHT NOW.

Make your donation today. 

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Thank you for turning this time of uncertainty into one of hope
for the individuals and families we serve!