Get Help

Help is Always Just a Phone Call Away

If you or someone you know is a victim of domestic violence, or a teen that needs a safe place, our crisis hotlines are here to provide supportive, judgement-free assistance and can provide a gateway to safe housing, healthcare and our many other services. Call our domestic violence hotline at 816-321-7050 or 800-491-1114. For youth crises, call 816-741-8700 or 888-233-1639.

Emergency Shelter

Where does the child rescued from an abusive home, the teen running away from violence or the victim desperate to escape their abuser turn? In our community, the answer is often Synergy Services. If you or someone you know is unsafe at home, we can help.

Physical & Mental Health Services 

We provide comprehensive physical and mental health services to trauma survivors. At our core, we are an agency dedicated to helping individuals and families function in a healthy way. That starts with good physical and mental health.

For outpatient counseling services:

INTAKE PHONE NUMBER:  816-505-4874

INTAKE E-MAIL: intake@synergyservices.org

School-based Trauma Care 

The impact of childhood trauma is one of the most pressing issues facing educators and our society, since young children who have experienced trauma often lack the foundation they need to be successful in school.

Child Forensic Interviews 

The CAC brings together under one roof all the services needed by a child who has experienced or witnessed abuse. Local law enforcement, prosecutors, child protective services, medical and mental health professionals collaborate to bring offenders to justice without further traumatizing the child. Child advocates and health professionals help the child process the trauma they experienced and begin to heal. This video from the National Children’s Alliance provides more information about how the CAC model works.

Offender Intervention Services 

Behavior is learned, and abusers often lack the knowledge and skills necessary to understand and change their behavior. Since 2000, Synergy's abuser intervention program has been working to hold domestic violence offenders accountable for their behavior, and to equip them with the tools they need to choose alternatives to violence. The program, which runs 28-58 weeks depending on the lethality of offenders' actions, provides a comprehensive mental health approach to behavior change that goes well beyond traditional anger management models.

Safe Place

Safe Place is a national program coordinated locally by Synergy Services. It is designed to help young people in dangerous situations access safe shelter or other assistance. Typical situations include youth facing problems at home, experiencing abuse or neglect, living on the street or in other dangerous circumstances such as with a drunk or unsafe driver.