Domestic Violence Services

Domestic violence is often challenging for people outside the situation to understand. Dr. Elaine Weiss, herself a survivor, and the author of excellent books about domestic violence shares:

“For an abused woman leaving the relationship is never a single act, it is a process of quiet strengthening – it happens silently over a long period of time. You will be unaware of it. You may feel frustrated or frightened because your words and actions seem to have no impact. She looks as though she is a passive participant in her battered life – but don’t be sure. Think of the moth – intensive energy is required for a moth to lift itself in flight. The moth sits silently on a table - quietly moving its wings until they reach a critical temperature that allows the moth to fly. You may not see the wings moving – but suddenly the moth takes flight.”

Your support enables Synergy to provide the safety and support necessary for domestic violence victims and their children to move beyond their abusive relationship.

FAST FACT: One in three women will be abused in her lifetime.

Crisis Hotline
Where does someone in crisis turn for help in finding safety and support? Often, it’s Synergy’s crisis hotline. The hotline at our Domestic Violence Center received over 3,000 calls last year alone. A call to the hotline is often a victim’s first step in reaching out for help. Knowledgeable and caring operators are available 24 hours a day, every day of the week to provide emotional support and information about shelter, counseling, support groups and other services available throughout the community. Reach the hotline at 816-321-7050 or toll-free at 800-491-1114.

Shelter is the primary need for our domestic violence clients, and we have a proud tradition of high quality residential services at SafeHaven, our shelter for domestic violence survivors and their children.

Counseling & Support Groups
Individual, group and family therapies are critical to helping survivors and their children confront and move past the emotional trauma they have experienced. Synergy provides professional counseling services in our shelter and throughout the community. Individualized counseling as well as support and therapeutic groups are available.

Training & Empowerment
Building a survivor’s confidence and self-esteem are critical to breaking the cycle of violence. When a survivor is self confident and able to maintain meaningful employment, the risk of landing in an abusive relationship decreases significantly.  That’s why we created our EXCEL© curriculum to teach participants life and job skills that enable them to become self-sufficient.

Bridge S.P.A.N.
Through our Bridge S.P.A.N. program, we train healthcare personnel to provide universal screening for domestic violence, and coordinate patient care, resources and referrals for survivors of domestic violence

Batterer's Intervention Program
Behavior is learned, and batterers often lack the knowledge and skills necessary to understand and change their behavior. Our Batterers Intervention Program equips participants, generally court-mandated as a result of a domestic violence offense, with the tools they need to stop abusive behavior.

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