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"Great presentation! My students loved it and are still talking about it."--Teacher at Truman Elementary sharing her thoughts about the Get Connected Program.

Abusive adult relationships often have roots in adverse childhood experiences. Teaching healthy relationship skills to young people helps keep them safe today and in the future. 

As an agency focused not only on treating the effects of abuse and violence, but also preventing them, Synergy offers STOP! Violence programming. The programs utilize customized curricula to teach empathy, respect and practical strategies for problematic relationships. When youth, parents and school personnel have a unified plan, violence reduction is attainable.




  • Trauma Informed Communities examines the relationship between childhood trauma and negative health outcomes later in life. Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) affect brain development and therefore impact behaviors and overall health. Self-care practices are the key to building resilience in those who have a high number of ACEs. This program integrates the principals of ACEs and resiliency into the community setting--be it schools, doctor's offices, or within the home.
  • Safe Dates is an evidence-based curriculum that prevents dating abuse. Highly engaging and interactive, this program helps 7th-12th grade teens recognize the difference between caring, supportive relationships and controlling, manipulative, or abusive dating relationships. The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration designated Safe Dates as a Model Program, and in 2006, Safe Dates received high ratings from the National Registry of Evidence-based Programs and Practices.  
  • Get Connected is the turn-key solution to bullying prevention that can create lasting change in a school climate. The program proactively addresses current trends in bullying by means of a three-pronged approach, where the unique needs of youth (K-12th grades), school faculty and parents can meet in separate workshop sessions. Youth workshops incorporate engaging, developmentally-appropriate activities that emphasize empathy, reinforce positive behaviors, and empower youth to deter bullying. Adult workshops discuss the link between childhood trauma and bullying as well as the importance of bullying policies and tips for raising compassionate and resilient youth. 
  • STEP Up is a bullying prevention program designed for a select group of influential 5th-9th grade girls who have the ability to change social norms. The innovative program is designed to deconstruct the nature of female aggression and empower young women with strategies to develop supportive relationships and conflict resolution skills. Some topics include: body image, rumors and gossip, cliques, cyber bullying, and handling conflict.


The following resources are a sample of the information and techniques covered through our programs:

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