Family Services

Close your eyes and picture four of the cutest children you have ever seen—kids ranging in age from 3 to 11 with big brown eyes and freckles.  Now think about those four children struggling with the severe abuse they experienced for most of their young lives at the hands of their mother, a mother who, nevertheless, they still miss.  Now think about their father and step-mother, struggling in a young marriage with the difficulty of helping the children heal. These are the types of complex family scenarios that Synergy Services confronts every day.

Therapeutic services are integrated into each of our residential programs, and are also offered on a stand alone basis or in conjunction with other programs.

True to our mission, each of our therapies specialize in helping children, youth, and their parents overcome the negative effects of traumatic life events such as child sexual or physical abuse, loss of a loved one, domestic, school, community violence or other traumatic events.

FAST FACT: Synergy’s therapists conducted over 1,400 family therapy sessions last year.

Synergy's trained and caring therapeutic staff helps strengthen families and prevent abuse and violence by specializing in four primary areas: marriage and family treatment, domestic violence, sexual abuse treatment and adolescent sex offender treatment.

Parenting Support
Strong, healthy families are the cornerstone of a violence-free community. Synergy provides supportive services to help adults develop the skills and knowledge needed to be successful and thrive as parents. 

Teen Parent Support
Synergy's teen parent support program offers support and educaiton to help pregnant and parenting teens successfully face the unique challenges posed by going to school while parenting.


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