Children's Services

Helping children heal from the trauma of abuse and violence is one of the most important investments we make as a community. It is key to breaking the cycle of violence, which is often generational. Additionally, children that receive appropriate care are more likely to lead healthy, productive lives and reach their full potential.

FAST FACT: 19% of the children served by our children’s shelter are under one year old. 61% are under six years old.

Our Children’s Center is an emergency placement shelter which provides a safe, therapeutic environment for children from birth to age 17.

Children traumatized by abuse, neglect, or observing violence need a way to understand and share their thoughts and emotions in order to fully heal

Advocacy Center
Our Children’s Advocacy Center is designed to provide a child-friendly environment which is sensitive to the needs of children who disclose sexual abuse, severe physical abuse or who have witnessed a homicide or abuse of another.

A study recently released by the CDC details the long-term effect of child abuse to victims and society. The results are summarized in this Huffington Post article...

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