At Synergy we envision a world without family violence, abuse or neglect.

Where does the child rescued from an abusive home, the teen running away from violence or the woman desperate to escape her abuser turn? In our community, the answer is often Synergy Services. Synergy helps victims of family violence find the safety, support, strength and skills needed to change their lives.

Synergy Services, Inc. began in 1970 as Synergy House, the only shelter for runaway and homeless youth in western Missouri. Through the years, a series of both serendipitous and strategic mergers expanded the organization’s reach to include young children and women victimized by abuse.

Today, Synergy provides a full continuum of care to assist individuals and families with immediate respite from violence, and services which empower clients to find and choose good options for future safety and success. In addition to our work to treat the effects of violence, we provide supportive services to families in crisis in an effort to prevent violence. Additionally, we focus on community education and social change in an effort to build a safer and more humane society.

Our fully integrated programs include crisis hotlines, emergency shelter, transitional housing, therapeutic services, advocacy, mentoring and violence prevention programs throughout Greater Kansas City. 

Synergy’s clients represent a broad cross-section of the population spanning gender, age, race and six county lines in Kansas and MIssouri. Most often, clients have annual family incomes of less than $25,000, making it difficult to access the variety of services they need through traditional means. We provide these services, which are so critical to the well-being of the family and community, to anyone that needs them regardless of ability to pay.

Did you Know? 

  • In Synergy’s service area, there were almost 12,000 cases of child abuse reported last year. Our nationally recognized programs give children a chance to heal and move beyond their abusive experiences.
  • On any given night 2,000 young people are homeless and alone in Kansas City. Services at our youth campus meet basic needs while giving teens a safe place to find acceptance and connect with resources.
  • One in four women will experience domestic abuse in her lifetime. We give women and their children a safe place to turn and the chance to live free from violence.
  • Healthy families are the cornerstone of healthy communities. Every day, Synergy’s therapists help families overcome traumatic life events and come out on the other side stronger and more resilient.

Synergy Services, Inc.   400 E. 6th Street    Parkville, Missouri 64152   (816) 587-4100

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